Friday, July 3, 2009

Fresh Friday Feature - Colorado Catnip Toys

This month for my June purchase from our Unique Women in Business group, I chose to be unselfish and ordered a treat for my kitties. I received the Bella butterfly catnip toy from Jana at and she was kind enough to send two extra "hot pepper" catnip toys as well. So perfect, since I have 3 kitties, and sharing is not a popular idea. Jana uses organic catnip from a local health food store, so it really packs that extra punch. In fact, when I got home from work on Thursday, my husband said to me "What on earth did you order? The cats are going nuts!" They had actually chewed a hole in the plastic envelope containing their gifts! Colorado Catnip Toys also carries catnip mats too, which I haven't seen anywhere else. These would make a perfect housewarming gift for someone with cats - you know how cats are with moving!

Pandora is drooling all over....I think she approves

Bear Bear likes to have his Catnip Toy all to himself and is hiding in his cubby - i.e. underneath the dining room table

Simon is enjoying his catnip toy WAY too much

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday - Near and Dear to Me

As summertime rolls along, I find myself being lulled into that easy dreamy hot weather sleepiness. The perfect place for me to relax and enjoy this feeling is the beach. If any of you have had the pleasure and opportunity to bask in the rays of Michigan's west coast beaches, this is my ODE to the beach! Michigan? you say... are you kidding? Isn't it a lake? Well, I feel sad for those who haven't experienced our great coastline. Although hardly a world traveler, I've been to both the Atlantic and the Pacific, and I have to say, my favorite spot is right here at home. (One place I've been to that blows us away is Monaco, I have to admit). That aside, I decided to feature a place near and dear to me today because so much of my summer jewelry is inspired by the rich hues and beautiful colors of the sun, sea, and sand.
The moment I set foot on one giant dune as a child at PJ Hoffmaster State Park, I was hooked. Never have I had more fun getting sandy, hot, and baked while hiking up to the heights. I knew the reward was running down at breakneck speed thinking - please don't let me wipe out - only to splash into the refreshing waters of Lake Michigan. I have spent too many summers since going to that same beach alone or with the family to bask, reflect and enjoy Mother Nature's gift to us.
I truly hope you enjoy the photos here, although none of them do it any justice, and if you have the pleasure of visiting our great state, be sure to include Mr. Hoffmaster's legacy in your trip!