Saturday, June 27, 2009

Opening Etsy Day at Fulton Street Artisan's Market

I love going to the local Farmer's Market, so much fresh produce, so many choices... I always bring home more than I bargained for. I'm lucky to live in an area where the Farmer's Market has been around since the early 1900's and where you can find anything from grass fed beef to organic veggies of all sorts.

Now, local Artisans are taking their que from the tried and true market format and since 2003 have established our very own Fulton Street Artisan's Market. Since the farmers are absent on Sundays, we've taken over! Thanks to the ingenuity of a few founding members, the Artisan's Market, or FSAM for short has really taken off. This year Etsy Artists kicked off opening day on June 14 to a resounding start. We filled 60 plus stalls with bath and beauty, carved wood items, clothing, accessories, and of course, jewelry, and too many other creations to mention.

If you are a Grand Rapids local, you can enjoy the market every Sunday from 11-3 through September. Often, local musicians provide entertainment and local restaurants delight us with delicious smells and fare. Did you notice my constant repitition of the word "local"? Now more than ever, people are enjoying and reaping the benefits of keeping money in the local economy. Not only will you eat fresher, but buy fresher too!

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